How We Started...

The original coffee house of the area since the mid 1990’s was sold and underwent extensive remodeling in 2013 becoming Elka Bees Coffee Haus. The new European décor and expanded seating area had limitless potential so when today’s owner came across the business listing it for sale a year later there was no hesitation. In September of 2014 Christine and her daughter Alex bought the coffee shop and expanded not only the menu but the focus of the added seating area in the secluded back room to host tea parties which connects with their English heritage. 


Christine is originally from England and her background includes owning restaurants and managing hotels. She has always loved serving good food and taking care of people so they can relax and enjoy the time spent in her haus. People today seem to always be rushing around and not taking the time to relax and enjoy the moment with a good cup of coffee or tea. At Elka Bee's you can enjoy both the bustle in the front room of the coffee shop or retreat to the English Tea Room for some peace and quiet.


We offer Longbottom coffee, teas, and pastries from local bakeries. New things added recently:


  • We now serve full cooked to order breakfast from 7am to 1pm 


  • English High Tea


  • European Sipping Chocolate


  • Specialty Drinks